Issues and Priorities

Here are some of the top issues facing our state, and where I stand. If you have any questions, or want to tell me about your own priorities or concerns, please reach out and let me know.


I believe we need to pass common-sense gun safety legislation to keep our kids, schools, and communities safe. I support efforts to keep guns out of our schools and to ban military-style assault weapons.

I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence and the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction.

Reproductive rights

The General Assembly took a historic step in 2019 when we passed the Reproductive Privacy Act, ensuring access to safe and legal abortion in RI no matter what happens in Washington. I was proud to help secure passage of that bill. We must protect this victory and keep expanding access to high-quality reproductive care for all.


As a proud mom to two wonderfully curious kids, I know how important our public school system is.

Students and teachers deserve to learn and work in safe, supportive environments with up-to-date infrastructure. Preparing our students for the future means teaching them to think, to question, and to love learning. I am proud to have earned the endorsement of the National Education Association Rhode Island. 

Line-item Veto

I support it.

Green energy / Climate change

The effects of climate change are upon us. As a coastal state that will see the devastating impact of rising sea levels, Rhode Island must be on the forefront of efforts to curb carbon emissions and move toward alternative and renewable energy sources.

Investment in green energy infrastructure is a win-win, creating jobs and lessening our reliance on fossil fuels purchased from out-of-state. Let’s keep our energy dollars right here in Rhode Island.


Health care

Over the past few years, we've made tremendous progress in expanding access to affordable care—but too many Rhode Islanders are still being left behind. Patients shouldn't have to forgo the care they need because deductibles are too high, and we need to attract more primary care physicians to our state.

I am committed to exploring new ideas that will ensure every Rhode Islander has the health care coverage they need and deserve.

Equal Pay

Women deserve to be paid equally for doing the same work as higher-paid men.

This past legislative session, we came so close to passing legislation that would help close the gender wage gap in Rhode Island. But that bill was gutted in the House at the last minute, leaving Rhode Island women behind once again.

The Fair Pay Act, as passed in the Senate in 2018, needs to be passed into law in 2019.

LGBTQ rights

Every person in Rhode Island deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and all of us deserve equal treatment under the law. I will stand up for LGBTQ equality in our laws, workplaces, schools, and communities. 

Good government

Rhode Islanders have lost trust in their government, and a lot of the time, you can’t really blame them.

I believe that our elected officials must be accessible, accountable, and available to the people they represent. They need to represent their constituents with integrity and act in our state’s best interest, not in the interest of paid corporate lobbyists.

I will support efforts to curb the influence of money in politics.


People working full time should be able to support themselves and their families. I support raising the minimum wage in Rhode Island to $15 an hour by 2023 so that working families can thrive.